Perfumes are the best gift you can give to any person, Mushk Mahal Perfumes offers you Elegant & fancy Attar Oils with a wide and amazing range of Non-Alcoholic perfumes.
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Al Munakh, Impression of Climate, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

Al Munakh Perfume is a top product by Mahal al Musk. A distinctive fragrance with a top note lavender, citrus and spicy. Middle note is coriander and cinnamon. Base note is...

Jawedan, Impression of Eternity Man, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

Jawedan perfume is design for modern men. Fragrance possesses bergamot, lemon, petitgrain and fresh lavender. Middle note is orange blossom, coriander and lily of the valley flower. Base note is...

Ab-e-Gohar, Impression of Cool Water Man, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

Ab-e-Gohar perfume for man is an elegant creation by Mahal Al Musk. Its fragrance top notes are fresh, spicy, lavender, rosemary & bergamot. Middle notes are jasmine, sandalwood & iris....

Blue Shade, Impression of Gucci Rush, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

Blue Shade is modern oriental fragrance for men. Top Notes are lavender and Cypress. Middle notes are spicy-woody with sandalwood, cedar and incense. Base note are patchouli, sandalwood and white...

Hot Sea, Impression Of Hot Water, Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

The Top Notes are absinthe and red basil, the heart is ruled by patchouli and pimento. Base Notes are styrax and benzoin. -- French Perfume Brand: Musk Palace Category: Non...