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Blue Ray, Impression of Bleu de Chanel for Men, Non Alcoholic Concentrated Attar Oil

BLUE RAY Concentrated Perfume is crafted for those who seek the extraordinary. Starting with an exhilarating burst of freshness that stirs your soul. The citrus accord dances with your senses, awakening...

Shamama Jadid, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

SHAMAMA JADID, a fragrance that is a harmonious blend of natural botanicals, spices and resins, creates a sensory masterpiece that transcends time and boundaries.This non-alcoholic perfume is carefully crafted with...

Azza Legend, Impression of Azzaro Chrome Legend, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

AZZA LEGEND, a fragrant fabric meticulously woven by the visionaries at Mushk Mahal Perfumers. This non-alcoholic perfume is a gateway to the world of sensory fantasy. It shatters expectations and...

Bright Afghan, Impression of Black Afghano, Non-Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Attar Oil

BRIGHT AFGHAN by Mushk Mahal Perfumers is a non-alcoholic fragrance that go beyond conventional boundaries, redefining the aromatic experience for both women and men. Bright Afghan opens with an intriguing fusion of cannabis...